Thuria and Beyond

At the keep

2/7/1000 – Second-day 2nd Ripening 1000 YT

Tomek and Natalia stabled their horses and found lodgings at the inn in the outer bailey at Castle Kochilar. Near to the inn, they encountered Fenric Finegelder, a travelling Nemedia jewel merchant who asked for their help. Finegelder was travelling with a number of valuable gems in his possession, returning from the Graaskal Mountains and heading to his home city of Numalia in Nemedia. Fearing robbery, he did not think his two armed guards gave him enough protection and had been counting on the castellan of the keep to provide him with an escort for the next stage of his journey. But with the Garunt Kochilar away from the castle, Finegelder was frustrated to find that it was not possible to hire a contingent of soldiers in his absence.

So Finegelder offered Tomen and Natalia a reward to ride roughly 50 miles along the Border Road bearing a message to the castellan of the next keep in Brythunia’s line of defence. They accepted the offer and agreed to make the journey the next morning.

3/7/1000 – Third-day 3rd Ripening 1000

Tomek and Natalia rode north-east along the Border Road without incident and reached the next keep in good time. However, they were not admitted to the castle, one of the guards telling them that the place was in a state of alert because spies from Hyboria were in detention inside. But the guards took Finegelder’s message and returned with a scroll bearing a promise to send a detachment of men within two days.

On the ride back to Castle Kochilar, Tomek and Natalia found a farmer’s cart overturned on the road. As they approached, they saw a dead peasant, his body dotted with puncture wounds as well as wounds made by blades. There were also signs of another person having been dragged from the cart and up the wooded slope on the Borderlands side of the road. Suddenly, a volley of small javelins rained down from the slope above them and a raiding party of eight kobolds rushed to attack. Tomek sustained a number of wounds before Natalia managed to subdue all eight creatures with a sleep spell. The players decided to seize the kobolds’ weapons but leave them otherwise unharmed. They then rode back to Castle Kochilar, arriving as night fell.

At the castle, the sergeant of the guard asked about Tomek’s wounds and expressed surprise and disapproval when told that the gang of kobolds had been left alive. He told the players that they must speak with the castellan’s secretary in the morning.

Before retiring for the night, Tomek healed his wounds by drinking one third of the precious healing potion in Natalia’s possession.



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