Thuria and Beyond

Battle in the forest

6/7/1000 – Marketday 6th Ripening 1000 YT

Not far from the strangely formed tree, the party were attacked by three people infested with and controlled by the Yellow Musk Creeper plant. One was a richly-dressed woman with the look of a wealthy Brythunian. The second was a disreputable-looking tough with a sword and a chain mail vest. The third was a darker skinned man in simple dark robes – he appeared to be a foreigner from the distant Settish lands far to the south. Battle was joined and the party prevailed.

Belben then surprised Tomek and Natalia by ordering that the slain strangers’ bodies not be searched for loot in an uncharacteristically angry, hostile voice quite at odds with his previous calm demeanour and good humour. Despite the suspicions this aroused, the players accompanied Belben and Timofey to a clearing where a large Yellow Musk Creeper plant formed part of the dense foliage growing around a mound of some sort. Declaring this to be the entrance to the lost shrine, then apologising to Tomek for his angry words (blaming it on excitement and impatience), Belben directed the party to make camp a safe distance from the Yellow Musk Creeper flowers, announcing that the job of breaching the hidden entrance to the shrine would be undertaken in the morning.



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