Thuria and Beyond

Journey to the Borderlands

1/7/1000 – Firstday 1st Ripening 1000 YT

Tomek and Natalia headed north-west, the Brythunian countryside around them become less and less densely populated as they drew nearer to the edge of the kingdom.

They made good progress, only occasionally needing to stop to ask directions when passing through a village or encountering peasant farmers. By dusk they were on a narrow road passing through a thickly wooded area and decided to make camp for the night. Just as they were leading their horses off the narrow road and between the trees, they were surprised and attacked by two hungry wolves. Tomek killed one wolf. The other fled in terror. Neither Tomek nor Natalia were injured.

A little shaken, they took turns to keep watch during the hours of darkness. The night passed without incident.

2/7/1000 – Second-day 2nd Ripening 1000 YT

Tomek and Natalia continued on their journey, drawing closer to the Border Road. But before leaving the wooded area, they were surprised by a very strange attacker – a sword-wielding man wearing the chain mail of a typical Brythunian fighting man… but he appeared to be possessed and in some kind of zombie state. His skin yellow, his eyes blank and seemingly incapable of speech, the man also had a plant with yellow and purple flowers growing from a hole in his skull. His intent was clearly murderous. Tomek managed to slay the attack, decapitating him. His remains were searched and a little money was found on his person. Tomek and Natalia continued on their journey feeling mystified by the incident.

Soon after the fight with the possessed man, Tomek and Natalia reached the Border Road and followed the directions they’d been given when asking for the way to the nearest of the border keeps. By the middle of the afternoon, they arrived at Castle Kochilar.



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