Thuria and Beyond

Raid on the kobold lair

4/7/1000 – Middleday 4th Ripening 1000 YT

Tomek and Natalia were summoned to the inner bailey of Castle Kochilar where the castellan’s secretary Davhand Silversgleaming scolded them for not finishing off the band of kobolds by which they had been attacked the day before. Silversgleaming explained that such troublesome creatures were a danger to the isolated farms and villages protected by the keep and that their lair must be found and cleared. Two men-at-arms (Horlamin and Waltumal) were ordered to accompany the players back to the scene of the ambush and ensure the kobold lair was dealt with.

The party found the lair with little difficulty and successfully destroyed the numerous kobolds found there. Tomek sustained light wounds.

The party then rode back to the castle, where Silversgleaming decided to reward Tomek and Natalia by giving them the modest quantity of coins that had been liberated from the kobolds. A valuable pendant found on the body of the kobold chief was of more interest to Silversgleaming, hence his decision not to take the coins for the castle’s coffers.

Silversleaming urged the players to keep their loot safe in one of the strong boxes provided by the castle’s broker, Rhom Hordar and to visit Father Yenros to have Tomek’s wounds treated. Both these pieces of advice were heeded.

At the castle chapel, Father Yenros told the players about the recent arrival of another Mitraic priest, Father Belben, who was in the area on a quest to find ancient lost shrines and who was looking for adventurers to accompany him. Yenros also spoke of another new arrival at the keep, a tallfellow halfling on a quest to find his people’s lost village somewhere in the Borderlands.

Tomek and Natalia decided that accompanying Father Belben on his quest sounded like the more promising adventure and sought out the travelling priest. Belben seemed delighted to see them and asked questions about their adventures. On hearing Tomek describe the skirmish with the man apparently possessed by a plant growing from inside his skull, Belben became very excited. He explain that the shrine he was seeking was meant to be protected by a deadly plant with precisely the power described, i.e. the power to take control of any trespasser defiling the shrine. Assured by Tomek that finding the site of the attack would be easy enough, Belben readily persuaded the players to set out with him and his two acolytes, declaring that the journey would begin the following morning.



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