Thuria and Beyond

Return to the Keep

7/7/1000 – Godsday 7th Ripening 1000 YT

Tomek and Natalia rode through the forest and after 5 hours’ travel were back on the Border Road. They reached Castle Kochilar as evening was drawing in. At the keep, the sergeant-of-the-watch asked why they were no longer in the company of Father Belben and Brother Timofey. Tomek blurted out a story about waking in the forest to the sound of screams and finding the priests gone. “We found big footprints. Perhaps a troll’s”, he said to the suspicious sergeant.

The sergeant reminded the players than all priests of Mitra are under the protection of nobles and of the king’s forces. So saying, he informed them they would be taken to the Castellan’s secretary in the morning and questioned about the disappearance of the two priests.

Before retiring for the night, Tomek and Natalia met the tallfellow halfling Graddak Gladdenstone, who told them the story of his people’s expulsion from Aquilonia three hundred years ago. The halfling described how his clan had then settled in an a remote part of the Borderlands. He went on to say that around 150 years ago, the community had been devastated by orcs and his people driven from their homes once again, leaving behind their most valuable treasures in a secret place he felt sure the orcs would not have discovered since. The quest to find the treasure, he told the adventurers, would involve riding most of the way along the north bank of the Border River before turning north into the Borderlands – a journey of perhaps 300 miles or more! Tomek and Natalia agreed to join the quest and to ride out with their new companion in the morning.

But they retired for the night worrying about what to say when questioned in the morning about the disappearance of Father Belben.

8/7/1000 – Firstday 8th Ripening 1000 YT
Early the next morning, Tomek and Natalia heard the portcullis of the keep’s main gate opening to admit a number of farmers’ carts. On realising that the gate was going to stay open awhile, they briefly considered the idea of fleeing the keep to avoid the promised questioning. But they decided to stay and face the music, still debating what story they should tell…



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