King Ingimundr the Unruly

Sea-raider Linnorm King of Brakarn Bay


Born in 955 YT and King of the Brakarn Bay settlement of Bildt since 990YT, Ingimimundr the Unruly is the effective ruler of Broken Bay and the all the small settlements around its shore. This powerful Linnorm King rules the area from Bildt, the only natural harbour of any size in the Bay and the wider coastal Vanahem region. Ingimundr has long grown frustrated by the internecine struggles of the Vanir and dreams of being a unifying ruler able to impose a more disciplined martial culture on large numbers of fighting men, and thereby create a fearsome force of sea-raiders able to establish colonial settlements along the Pictish coast. He imagines these new settlements as the launchpad for far more audacious raids on Zingara and beyond, dreaming of the riches that could be looted by fierce Vanir warriors swarming into ports as far south as Argonia and Shem.

Ingimundr has himself travelled as far south as the Stygian coast. The adventures of his youth included a stint as a pirate of the Barachan Isles and a period serving as henchman to a disgraced Zingaran general exiled in the Trallibes. His last escapade prior to returning to his homeland was a mercenary soldier fighting for the Argonian crown, defending the southern border of that kingdom against the incursions of Shemitish invaders from the region of Pelishtia. During this time, Ingimundr’s rowdy, ferocious ways were perceived as insolent by an important Argonian commander. The brawling Vanir mercenary thereby earned himself a stint fighting for his life and freedom in the gladiatorial arena of Messantia.

All these experiences refined the future king’s proficiency in the art of war-craft and opened his eyes to the riches of the realms far to the south of his inhospitable homeland. He returned to his native Brakarn Bay convinced that a large, well-organised Vanir force could easily outfight the soft, decadent men of Zingara, Argonia and Shem.


King Ingimundr the Unruly

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