Hyborian Witch-Queen


With stats/abilities as per the entry in the Finnish mythos section of Deities and Demigods, Kiputytto is a witch-queen whose stronghold is in the south-east of Hyboria, around one hundred miles north of the Graskaal Mountains. She holds sway over a cult of fanatical Hyborian followers who revere here as the Mother of the Plague. Even the Witchmen of the White Hand find the cult of Kiputytto to be loathsome and aberrant. So her territory is shunned by outsiders. No native Hyborian peasant would ever settle voluntarily in the country around the Plague Mother’s stronghold. So all routine tasks are performed by slaves. Unlike most bands of Hyborian slavers, raiders in the service of Kiputytto are usually non-human because In addition to her human followers, the Mother of the Plague rules over a growing legion of bekaars, hobgoblins and goblins. To the north of Kipyutto’s territory lies the equally strange realm of Irissen, which is ruled by the Daughters of Baba Yaga.

Fascinated by death, decay and gruesome forms of physical transformation, Kiputytto has developed numerous processes designed to create fearsome undead creatures. One such creation is the horrible bonedrinker, an undead abomination made from the bodies of bekaars and goblins.



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