Witch-queen usurper of Khauran


Krisatra (born 980 YT) is the identical twin sister of Queen Taramis of Khauran. Krisatra’s existence is unknown to the Khauranian queen. Krisatra was born with the cursed mark of the Aushkari dynasty and should, by custom, have been slain at birth. But the late Queen Ialamis did not have the heart to kill the child and instead instructed a trusted servant to take the child far across the Eastern Desert and place her in the care of a family of nomads. The queen died harbouring the belief that nothing further would be heard of the cursed child. The supposedly faithful servant, however, took payment from a mysterious stranger (Theleb K’aarna) just a few miles from the gates of Kandala. The wandering wizard from Pan Tang knew of the Ashkauri curse and used powerful magic to ascertain the nature of the Khauranian queen’s secret plan for the marked child. With this in mind, he purchased the infant. Krisatra, then, has been raised at the sorcerer’s palace in distant Pan Tang, her natural aptitude for dark magic being honed by her guardian and mentor, and plotting to usurp Queen Taramis.



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