Female human magic-user


Born in the Brythuanian village of Redum on 19/4/978, Natalia is 22 years old when the campaign gets started. The daughter of the village innkeeper, at the age of 16 she became the apprentice of a lady magician from Sargosa.

In the summer of 1000 YT, Natalia’s mistress was overheard mocking Lord Kalina and consequently arrested by the city guard. Before being carted away to the castle dungeons, Natalia’s mistress told her apprentice where to find a stash of a few valuable magic items and urged the girl to make herself scarce for a while lest she too be arrested. Natalia made her way back to her home village, where she became reacquainted with Tomek, the blacksmith’s stepson. The two friends decided to set off to the Borderlands in search of adventure.


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