Pellas the Sorcerer

The Dragon-Maker of Khanyria


Pellas is a powerful wizard who resides in a tower studded with gold coins in the town of Khanyria in Khoraja.

The sorcerer is a jolly and effusive bon viveur whose taste for wine, particularly, has clouded his judgement and got him in trouble many times during his long life.

In addition to the vast array of spells he is able to deploy, Pellas is among the world’s greatest designers of strange, complex machines vastly more advanced than the level of technology prevalent in even the most highly developed societies. He is most notable for his various clockwork creations:

The people of Khanyria equally love and fear the eccentric sorcerer, grateful for the protection afforded by his powerful magic but wary of his bizarre mechanical monsters and of the strange sounds and smells which sometimes emanate from his tower.

Above all else, Pellas loathes the Kothian wizard Tsotha-lanti. In 969 YT, Pellas was captured by servants of Tsotha-Ianthi and kept as a prisoner in the Halls of Horror below the notorious Scarlet Citadel. After a year in captivity, during which time his Shemitic tormentor attempted (with only limited success) to glean the secrets of Pellas’s most powerful spells and potions, the wizard was rescued by Ragallach the Cimmerian, to whom he feels he remains forever indebted.

Many possible adventure hooks come to mind involving Pellas.



  • 969 YT – captured by the Shemitish wizard Tsotha-lanti
  • 970 YT – rescued by Ragallach the Cimmerian
  • 976 YT – constructed the Clockwork Leviathan for the King of Turan

Pellas the Sorcerer

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