Szass Tam

Zulkir of Anshan, Leader of the Red Necromancers


Szass Tam, an undead lich for hundreds of years, is a powerful sorcerer hailing from Delhurmir in Drujishan. The long-established leader of Anshan’s Red Necromancers cult, Szass Tam now benefits from an alliance with Yarhina, the Yuestshi assassin who is the only person able to influence and manipulate the insane God-King Xerchanas. The bizarre physical transformation that convinced Xerchanas he is now a god is a result of arcane rituals devised by Szass Tam.

Under the terms of his bargain with Yarhina, Szass Tam now rejoices in the title of a Zulkir of Anshan, an honorific bestowed upon the very closest advisers to the Emperor. As such, Szass Tam and his fellow Red Necromancers can do as they please in the land of Anshan and are officially protected by the forces of the Emperor. In exchange for these privileges, the Red Necromancers are at work creating undead and magical beasts and strange new weapons of war for the God-King’s growing military forces.


Szass Tam

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