Power behind the Anshani throne


Yarhina (born 960 YT) was the daughter of a Yuetshi tribal chief slain by invading Turanian forces. After a long period of enslavement in the Turanian city of Khawarizm, Yashina was found and saved by an Anshani spy. Trained in Anshanar to become a warrior of unparalleled skill and ferocity, the young Yuetshi woman joined the elite guards protecting Emperor Darshanas and his royal family, rising to become their commander. Following the death of Emperor Darshanas in battle against the Turanians, and burning with her own hatred of Turan, Yarhina insinuated her dark designs into the grief of Prince Xerchansas. It was Yarhina, then, who influenced Xerchansas into believing in his own divinity and in his destiny as conqueror of the whole world. The God-King’s startling physical transformation is also a result of a ritual devised by Szass Tam, Yarhina’s most powerful and most dangerous ally.

As Xerchansas builds his forces in readiness for war, Yarhina remains the most influential figure in the God King’s life, urging him not only to make Turan the first and foremost target of Anshani aggression but also to have her personally lead the destruction of the land she hates so fiercely. Yarhina alone dares to speak forcefully and candidly to the power-mad God King, who will not tolerate such directness from anyone else.



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