Male human fighter


In the year 981, the king of Brythunia feared invasion from Nemedia and decided to bolster his the forces along his kingdom’s western border by employing mercenaries. One such mercenary was Ragallach, a mighty warrior from Cimmeria. The warrior settled for a while in the Brythunian village of Redum, marrying a local woman and fathering a child named Tomek.

Tomek’s date of birth is 13/11/981, meaning that he is eighteen years old at the start of the campaign.

While Tomek was still young, the Cimmerian heard rumours that his homeland was under attack by marauders from Asgurd so he rode off to join the fray. He was never seen again in Brythunia. Assuming her husband was deceased, Tomek’s mother remarried. Her new husband was the Redum’s village blacksmith.

From a young age, Tomek worked alongside his stepfather in the smithy, using heavy tools every day. As the son physically powerful Cimmerian warrior, the boy has grown to a great height and muscular build. Daily hard labour in the forge has, of course, made him stronger still.

Tradespeople such as blacksmiths are freemen in the Kingdom of Brythunia, allowed to hunt in the forest and permitted to own weapons. The boy therefore acquired hunting skills under the tutelage of his stepfather and displayed natural fighting abilities inherited from his natural father. His ability was honed by training provided by the village Hetman.

As the boy grew up, he displayed a restless nature and always sought out information about the world beyond village life and the kingdom of Brythunia. This thirst for adventure, it is assumed, is another inheritance from his natural father, the wandering Cimmerian mercenary soldier.


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