Chaugnar Faugn

Classified by scholars of the ancient gods as one of the Great Old Ones, Chaugnar Faugn came to the Earth from another planet aeons ago, possibly in a form other than the one it later assumed. Upon arriving, he found the dominant lifeform to be only simple amphibians. From these creatures, he created the slaad to be his servitors. The slaad would later mate with early humans to produce hybrids that would eventually evolve into the horrid Tcho-Tcho people.

Born aeons ago on a distant planet, Chaugnar Faugn is the progenitor of another alien race created to serve him. Although nothing like as horrific as their creator’s true form, these creatures somewhat resemble him insofar as they are large, elephant-headed humanoids. While Chaugnar Faugn himself has long since vanished from the earth, one member of this servitor species remains – the prisoner in the tower of the wizard Mara in Arenjun.

Rare, ancient Idols of Chaugnar Faugn can be scattered around the known world, varying in terms of the degrees of accuracy with which they depict the deity’s true form. Encountered in the flesh, Chaugnar Faugn resembles a huge, many-limbed humanoid whose elephant-like head is equipped with a long proboscis ending in a lamprey-like maw and whose general aspect is also reminiscent of a terrible squid-like creature of the deep.

Chaugar Faugn is the real entity worshipped across the Thurian lands and so-called Settite lands as Bel.

Chaugnar Faugn

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