To be adapted for AD&D 1E stats. Based on Pathfinder Linnorm details.

Linnorms are a family of gigantic, wingless dragons with long serpentine bodies, which make their homes in the far northern reaches of the known world. They have small, vestigial wings directly behind their oversized heads.

In terms of back-story and abilities, Linnorms in our campaign differ from the Pathfinder/Golarion version as follows:

  • they are NOT capable of flight
  • although related to dragons, they are not an “original draconic” (i.e older) race
  • they have no strange connection to an (extra-dimensional?) “Fey World”
  • the notion of a Linnorm cursing its killer is a myth with no basis in truth

Three species of linnorm are known to exist, the feared crag linnorm, the rare ice linnorm, and the justifiably feared tarn linnorm.

Linnorms are greatly feared and respected by the populace of Vanahem and Asgurd. Indeed, the former region is known at the Land of the Linnorm Kings. This refers to a tradition observed in most of Vanahem’s small “Kingdoms” (in reality a “King” in Vanahem is simply the ruler of a clan based in a single small settlement). Most of these petty kings, then, must slay a linnorm single-handedly and parade the beast’s head before his people in order to secure and cement his mandate to rule unchallenged.


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