The Pictish Wilderness

A wild region sparsely populated by tribes of fierce savages.

The Pictish Wilderness is a region to the north-west of the Thurian kingdoms, lying west of Aquilonia and Cimmeria, north of Zingara and south of Vanahem. The Pictish coast, though hundreds of miles long, lacks properly developed ports of any kind. Only at Korvela Bay can larger ships find a safe harbour.

The region is separated from Cimmeria by the Black Mountains, from Vanahem by the Eiglophian Mountains and from Aquilonia and Zingara by the Black River.

In the north of the Pictish Wilderness there is a desolate, craggy upland area known as Fomoria. This place is shunned by Pictish tribes, who fear the peculiarly ugly breed of giants who live there.

The Pictish Wilderness

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