Zingara is one of the Thurian region’s two great maritime nations, rivalled only by Argonia when it comes to trading, exploring and adventuring up and down the western coast of the great continent. Although their land is a Mitraic kingdom bound in treaty to the other Thurian realms, the people of Zingara are of mixed origin. The typical Zingaran subject is dark-haired, dark-eyed and olive skinned and it is said that the native people have intermarried with waves of incomers from the southern land of Shem for hundreds of years, this movement of populations being a result of sea trade.

When our campaign starts, the Zingaran throne is occupied by the elderly King Ferdrugo. The aged monarch is growing weak and confused and his apparent vulnerability is being monitored carefully by a number of the kingdom’s most powerful nobles. During his long reign, the king has outlived three wives, only the most recent of whom produced a single heir, the Princess Chabela (born 984 YT). In theory, there is nothing to prevent a queen rather than a king reigning over the land of Zingara, but the numerous hopeful suitors of the princess all presume that the consort of a young queen should expect to be the de facto ruler.

Zingara is a fertile land of orchards, vineyards and farms, its heartland well irrigated by three great waterways that flow through the country – the Black River, the Thunder River and the Zingg River.

The natural border between Zingara and Argonia is formed by the peaks and densely wooded slopes of the Rabirian Mountains and, closer to the coast, by the shunned Forest of Ghouls.

Important cities of Zingara include:

  • Jerida
  • Karnemeta
  • Kastela
  • Kordava
  • Kova
  • Sadoria
  • Valadelad


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