Basic details as per MM2. In the event of extensive use of the aboleth as a major campaign feature, reference will be made to the many good ideas found in Lords of Madness.

In terms of the place of the aboleth in our campaign world, some basic points:


  • Once numerous in the surface oceans of the earth
  • The bulk of their surface ocean civilisation destroyed aeons ago in a war with Cthulhu
  • … but aboleth cities in Underdark seas survived this war
  • It was this war that led to the sinking of R’lyeh and the entombment of Cthulhu
  • The Deep Ones were created by the aboleth…
  • … but Cthulhu gained control of the Deep Ones
  • All that remained of their surface civilisation by around 10,000 YT was in the Vilayet Sea
  • The Vilayet Sea aboleth catalysed the development of the human Azlanti culture
  • The Vilayet Sea was connected to Underdark seas at that time
  • Vilayet aboleth destroyed Azlant by summoning an asteroid…
  • … they retreated to Underdark seas and sealed the passage to the Vilayet Sea


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