The earth on which our campaign is set is in many ways similar to the real planet:

  • It is referred to as “earth”, “the earth” or “the world” by its sentient inhabitants
  • It is the third planet orbiting its sun
  • It was formed about 4.5 billion years ago
  • Life began to form on the planet around 3.5 billion years ago
  • It is the same size as the real planet earth
  • The continents resemble those of the real earth in terms of number and shape
  • Most of the plants and animals seen on the real earth exist in this alternative world

But our campaign world has many important features not shared with the real world:

Magic is a real and potent force of which there are several forms.

Our campaign earth is one of the most important planets in the vastness of the universe. An early cradle of life, some of its early inhabitants included some of the vastly powerful creatures known as Outer Gods and Great Old Ones. Over the aeons, numerous sentient species from distant worlds have been drawn to the earth by the presence of these powerful deities, by the abundance of life and by the inherent magical powers of the planet.

Over the aeons, our alternative earth has been home to a number of sentient species, some of which are now extinct or exceedingly rare. To this day, human beings are just one of a large number of sentient races able to built civilisations, use languages and develop technologies. Many, but not all, of these are humanoid in form.

In addition to real-world plants and animals, our alternative earth is home to many strange monsters, monstrous plants, undead creatures and other curiosities. Many of creatures from the AD&D 1E source materials are used, supplemented liberally with creatures from other sources.


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