A race of sentient simians known to many Western Ocean sailors as winged deck-apes, the Hadozee are natives of the coastal region to the south of Kush. They are covered in light brown fur, with a slightly stooped posture, a shaggy mane, and a fanged muzzle. They have flaps of skin that hang beneath their arms that enable gliding, if not true flight. Because they’re also good climbers and balancers, hadozee are particularly suited for life aboard a ship, sailing the seas of adventure.

Hadozee stand at about 5–1/2 to 6 feet tall, though they always seem slightly shorter due to their natural stooped posture. They tend to weigh between 200 and 250 pounds, most of that weight being solid muscle. Their eyes are black and glitter brightly, and their fur can range in color from a light tawny golden brown to a deep chocolate. Hadozee do not really need clothing due to their fur covering, though many who work aboard ships wear harnesses and belts for their tools and weapons. Hadozee generally have about the same lifespan as humans, though they are considered adults a little earlier.
Most fascinating of all, however, is a hadozee’s patagial flaps – flaps of skin between legs and arms, similar to those of a flying squirrel. With these patagia, the hadozee can launch herself into the air and glide for significant distances. It is not uncommon for hadozee in the rigging of ships not to bother climbing down, but simply throw themselves into the air and glide to another part of the ship.

Small hadozee settlements can be found along the western coast of the so-called Dark Lands to the south of the Settite realms. But many hadozee are born and raised in the port cities of human civilisations including Stygia, Argonia, Zingara and the Barachan Isles. The members of this diaspora have little interest in their distant ancestral homeland, preferring to travel among other races, working aboard their beloved ships and seeing what the horizon hold. Accordingly, they’re almost always found near the coasts and at sea.

Most of these hadozee are raised communally in port towns. Parents think nothing of leaving children with adults who share the same ship-name for weeks or even months at a time. Hadozee tend to congregate into shared living quarters, pitching in to afford and maintain large dwellings so that visiting hadozee immediately have a place to hang their hammocks.


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