Ophir, dominated by mighty Aquilonia, is a Thurian kingdom to the north of Koth.

The Mitraic religion is the official faith of Ophir. But the goddess Ishtar is also openly worshipped in the kingdom, a result of protracted exposure to the cultures of Koth and Shem and of greater religious tolerance than is seen in other Thurian lands.

Ophir is ruled by the scheming, devious King Amalrus. Under the constant threat of invasion by Koth, his Kingdom relies on the protection of Aquilonia and must pay tribute to King Acastus. Amalrus hates the Aquilonian monarch, feels humiliated by the necessary act of sending tributes to Tarantia and yearns to achieve real autonomy.

Within Ophir, King Amalrus has a dangerous rival in the form of Lord Belzana who rules over the city-state of Ronnocco and the south-east Ophirian province around it. While Belzana’s province is a relatively impoverished and underpopulated place, suffering the disadvantages of rocky, hilly and relatively arid terrain, the Lord of Ronnocco enjoys a significant military advantage in the form of his company of Dragonnel-mounted warriors. Lord Belzana is also able to fund the maintenance of a mercenary force due to his control of the mineral wealth of the Karpash foothils at the edge of his territory.

Near the Aquilonian border, which is delineated by the Tybor River, the country is rich with meadowland, farms and forests. The craggy borderlands of souther Ophir, though, are sparsely populated.

The westernmost part of the Karpash Mountains forms the southern stretch of the border with Korunia. The peaks are lower here and the Ophirian side is blessed with gold and precious stones. To the north, these two lands are separate by the barren expanse of the Sea of Grey Despair.

The cities of Ophir include:


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