The Borderlands

The Borderlands is a largely desolate area of land between Cimmeria, Hyboria, Aquilonia, Nemedia and Brythunia. In places hilly, in places marshy and in places thickly forested, this region has never seriously interested any expansion-minded king of the Mitraic kingdoms to the south. There is nothing here to interest Hyborian slavers or Cimmerian tribes either. So the region known simply as the Borderlands serves as a kind of buffer between the realms ranged around it.

Lying as it does beyond the control of any organised kingdom, then, the Borderlands has become a route for spies and smugglers to pass undetected between kingdoms. It has also become home to rogues and renegades of various sorts, fleeing justice or persecution in their native lands. The area is also said to be frequented by bands of non-human n’er do wells such as orcs, gnolls, kobolds and the like. Long since driven out of the Great Kingdoms, these pests are said to build lairs here, from which they mount raids on farms, villages and travellers inside the borders of Nemedia and Brythunia.

The existence of the Borderlands as a kind of neutral zone is officially recognised by treaties between the Thurian kingdoms. These treaties state that the Borderlands is the area between the Border River to the south and east and the Cimmerian River between the north and west.

No settlements of great size have been established in the Borderlands. But small villages do exist, inhabited by hunter-gatherers and subsistence farmers native to the area. In addition, renegade nobles and robber barons from Aquilonia, Nemedia and Brythunia have constructed strongholds here and there. Of these, by far the largest and most well-known is Ravengard, the stronghold of a banished Nemedian nobleman named Torkal Moh.

The Borderlands

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